New players win in deposit bonus error at Lady Love Bingo!

You know the long-standing saying that the house every time earns, well at Lady Love Bingo this might not always be the case.  It has just come to light that an ‘error’ has meant that new players at the popular online bingo site UK, have been able to extract prizes whilst still holding their sum and early bonus funds without having to meet strict play-through terms.  The mistake is being widely reported in the state press and has understandably left the Gomez's run, Lady Love Bingo with quite a lot of egg on their face – and a whole lot well-lit in their set pocket.
The relaxed bonus open to new players offers a cash match of the game, this has proved quite lucrative for those players that like to take full advantage of the extreme bingo welcome bonus deposit bonus.  Some of the new players are quite literally celebrating in style after walking away with jackpots sums up to £3,000, with one player even handling to fund his wedding on the earnings of the lucky (or unlucky liable on which side of the fence you are on!) error. The Lady Love Bingo players who have benefited from the mistake are obviously delighted, but we imagine there will be some questions being asked in the Gomez's HQ right now.
Some of the players who have received very large sums have had their accounts put off while an inquiry goes on, still this is just to reduce any gambles of fraud.  The majority of the new players who have benefited from the bonus ‘bonus’, will be able to retain the money they have managed to gain from being astute online bingo players.  This highlights the need to keep an eye on the terms and conditions when you join a new online bingo site; because although very often the news might be disappointing with strict rules on withdrawals, clearly it can sometimes be to your benefit.
Currently you all go rushing to join up, you won’t sadly benefit from the rather generous new player terms that some of the players mentioned above have; that said there is still the opportunity to receive the fairly generous deposit bonus. – but make sure you read the small print guys, BEFORE you make that all main first deposit so that you don’t get any surprises…….. And yes Gomez's, maybe you should too ;)!

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